GoToMeeting: Web
Designed and completed a comprehensive redesign of GoToMeeting that spanned from mobile and endpoint to extended platforms, including the web and desktop. Designed a flexible design language, called FLEXO, composed of visual and interaction patterns, which designers can easily incorporate and adopt for any product or platform. Established new design guidelines for interactions and behaviors, visual design, and content. Trained and mentored a team of 15 + designers.

Principal UX Designer
Design Strategy
Info Design and Architecture
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Design Management

GoToMeeting: Post Login, Join Screen

GoToMeeting: In-Session

GoToMeeting: In-Session, Upgrade Path

GoToMeeting: In-Session, Attendees

GoToMeeting: In-Session, Settings

GoToMeeting: In-Session, Screen Sharing

GoToMeeting: In-Session, Screen Sharing and Webcam

GoToMeeting: PSTN

GoToMeeting: Audio Selection

GoToMeeting: Login Screen

GoToMeeting: Post Login

GoToMeeting: Post Login, Slidein Options

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