Gaming Cloud
Created a vision providing analytics services and play & performance testing tools to game developer companies. Designed a Testing Tool to streamline the difficult, expensive, and time consuming multi-variant testing process for game developers. Investigated the most common denominators in majority of games and provide a user interface for anyone involved in game creation to tweak and optimize their game. The idea is to have one area where users could switch images, add, delete, or tweak objects, levels, and attributes.

Senior Experience Design Lead
Information Architecture
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design
User Experience Design
Client Communication

Customizable dashboard, showing user siged in

Game specific page showing highlights of the most important data

KPI configurator

User Management detail page

Revenue detail page

Report selecting only one region

Annotating, commenting, and sharing

AB test list

AB Testing detail page

Multi-variant test tool, setup

Multi-variant test tool, modified

Multi-variant test tool, review

AB Test showing heatmap

Game ready for testing