Acrobat X transformation project. Redesign of all product pages starting with Acrobat X. Throughout the years had been through only visual facelifts and additive changes that  contributed to a tangled mess of content and structure. Also the lack of dynamic content had really exhausted the user experience. In addition to reorganization and redesign of content and structure the goals and objectives were to introduce CMS and personalization of content for building relationship with users and visitors. I was assigned to redesign the product pages. I led this effort by reviewing content, investigating structure, and analyzing features of several distinctively different products such as Photoshop, Flash Platform, and Acrobat. I then grouped and organized the content into several key categories that could be applied to all of our product lines and services. This approach provided several templates that are usable for all our products and available to content providers to utilize for developing their product pages. In addition to design and development of these pages I was responsible for strategizing with external partners, evangelizing the core vision, producing product specifications for all sprints, and presenting designs to all team members.

Designs included:

  • Buying guide, upgrades and subscriptions revisions and extensions
  • How-to-guides
  • Benefits, features, content zones and their detail pages
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Designed Extend pages to accommodate different types of content such as plugins and resources internal and external
  • Templates for mini products, end of life products
  • Reflow logic for global pods: dynamic vs. static content in addition to help, learning, resources, and page tools
    Product index pages with segmentations
  • Revisions to Regions
  • Introduction of QR codes into product pages
  • Revision and interim solutions for breadcrumbs
  • Maintenance and upkeep of assets and guidelines for the entire XD Web team
  • Revisions to filters and their options
  • Design of screenshot gallery for touch apps
  • Redesign of conversion pods and other ways to buy to accommodate segmentation
  • Redesign of the showcase pages to house content such as Decade of awards.
  • Introduced download options from external stores for conversion pods and inline conversion sections
  • Inclusions of Social media component

Information Architecture 
Art Direction
Visual Design
Interaction Design
User Experience Design
Client Communication

Acrobat Family page

Acrobat Suite page

Acrobat X page

Acrbat Standard page

Features page template

Tech Specs template

Reviews template

FAQ template

Showcase template

Buying Guide template

Product Comparison template